Your Practical Magic

Serenity Now! Tips from an NYC First Responder’s Spiritual Toolbox

March 29, 2020
We asked an FDNY lieutenant how he deals with unrelenting stress, and we’re sharing what he revealed. Have you noticed a spike in undeniable real-life stress over the past weeks? We thought so.
Our interview with our mindful, meditating first responder was already scheduled when the world flipped and froze, so we all Zoom’ed in from our quarantined corners for a powerful conversation recorded from our couches and closets.
We're honored to bring you our Serenity Now Special Episode, featuring an FDNY lieutenant and OEM first responder in the YPM family. He’s literally part of Noreen’s family; it's her brother Gene O’Donnell — aka g.o.d. Gene completely inspires us from our Corona-daze with his take on showing up consciously and compassionately to ourselves and others when the Unpredictable confronts us.

In YPM style, we tilt the philosophical scales towards fun when Gene shares some seriously hilarious stories and the sibling smartasses can’t hold back.

Because, hey, we’re here to remind you that life still shines bright beyond the clouds!

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