Your Practical Magic

The Clairs

July 2, 2020

Co-hosts, Noreen and Gennifer, are joined by Carla Blaha, Psychic Medium to talk about the different “Clairs,” (the ways we receive intuitive information through sight, sound, touch, taste and smell).

Carla offers fascinating facts and anecdotes about how each of the various “Clairs” works for all of us. 

You’ll hear YPM superfan Beth share a powerful example with her moving story of the message she received when “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones played on the radio. Carla receives her own healing and breakthrough revelation upon listening to Beth’s story.


Disclaimer: Everything we share here is for educational purposes. We are not providing medical, psychiatric, or psychological advice or treatment. Please seek out professional help immediately if you're experiencing any serious psychological or psychiatric conditions.

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