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The Magic of the Beatles, with guest Ken Dashow

November 5, 2020

Noreen and Gennifer speak with Ken Dashow, one of New York’s most loved DJs and a foremost authority on the Beatles. We talk about the serendipity of Beatles coming together and how their journey changed the world with their music.

We also take a look at some of the most unanswerable questions ever! How, after over 50 years, are The Beatles STILL the number one selling artists in the world? And what was the magic that brought them together?

  • How the four members of the Beatles came together against the odds
  • Their choice to take a risk and disrupt their mop-top success to produce new music that authentically reflected their own spiritual growth 
  • Fun stories and observations from other classic rock legends about the Beatles 
  • John Lennon’s messages then and how they are still relevant right now

We hope this beautiful conversation reconnects you with the lyrics, the melodies, and reminds you that “All You Need is Love.” 

Ken is the afternoon host of Q104.3, a classic rock radio station, and the host of Breakfast with the Beatles, which airs every Sunday on iHeartRadio.

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