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March 18, 2020




We envision Your Practical Magic as a way to connect our community so we can share ways to recognize and nurture the magic in your everyday life. We celebrate when the Practical is divine and when the Magic is...human — because both count!

Every stage, every age, every relationship presents each of us with the opportunity for a special journey here on Earth. We talk about our struggles and joys with compassion and love, which isn't as easy as you think! Join us as we laugh, cry, & learn about how to navigate our lives with feeling, inspiration and vulnerable, truthful conversation.

We come from different backgrounds, experiences and perceptions and we're looking forward to sharing them with you as well as hearing yours! 

Join us as we journey through the perils of cultivating our authentic everyday lives! We're committed to bringing you conversations, ideas and energy techniques, presented in ways that you can easily put to use in your life. We've organized each episode into bite-sized segments:
PAST TENSE: An honest discussion about what's challenging our peace of mind and ways to “get past” the stress.

DOSE: An energy-based remedy to minimize the impact these challenges have our wellbeing.

CRUSH:  Something that's rocked our world in the best of ways that we recommend to you. 

HUMANKINDNESSA recount of one of our personal experiences to remind us of how little it takes to touch another's soul.

Plus, our FIELDS TRIP episodes feature interviews from experts in our healing community.

We want your input so please follow us on Instagram (@yourpracticalmagic) and Facebook (@yourpracticalmagic) and make our ongoing conversation richer by joining us!


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