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The Presence of Presents + a Heartfelt Gift Guide

December 3, 2020

It's our time of year — the end of it! We really mean the time when what we strive for in our lives is truly celebrated:  grace, ease & joy. In planning this month's premiere, we reflected on last year's episode "The Presents of Presence," where we focused less on presents and a lot more about presence, because being present is in short supply at this busy time of year. 

Gennifer and Noreen share a meaningful conversation where we revisit the gifts that we had received that touched us deeply and raised our spirits. Our most cherished items ranged from "found items" given to us by a surprise someone to an incredibly thoughtful invitation for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We reflect on the flow of generosity and gratitude and how difficult it can be, for women especially, to receive, resulting in blocking — even hoarding — that magical exchange of giving and receiving

Then you're invited! We reveal items that have brought us either grace, ease or joy and are providing you with links on our site so you can purchase them for yourself, a friend, family member or maybe even a stranger.  

Our authentically curated list of gift ideas is from both of our hearts as is our deepest blessing that your December is warm and bright.


Disclaimer: Everything we share here is for educational purposes. We are not providing medical, psychiatric, or psychological advice or treatment. Please seek out professional help immediately if you're experiencing any serious psychological or psychiatric conditions.

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